About us

Backbeat Studios

Any studio with a microphone can record a voice for your project, but only a handful captures the creativity of the idea during the recording process.

Backbeat Studios is a recording and media production studio that has been delivering top-notch productions for many happy and returning clients for more than a decade.

We enjoy working with like-minded creatives to actualise their ideas into form. Even with the tightest of deadlines or budget, we know ultimately the right voice or sound you need for your project.

Because we understand creativity.

The preferred recording studio - Why choose us

Our sound engineers are constantly honing their craft and techniques to work at the highest efficiency. We want to deliver end-results at the best value-for-money price point for you.

Knowing what voice would connect and engage with you audience.

Knowing how a read or delivery would not sit well with the creative intent of production.

This is an intuitive skill that we have developed over the years behind the recording console, producing the voice or sound for advertisements, branding videos and online content.

Work with us once, and you’ll understand why we may just be your preferred recording studio that would make sure the audio for your projects are recorded “spot-on”.

Recording Studio

Record in comfort in our spacious recording space of 3884 cubic feet. Acoustically designed with treated to meet the recording specifications for broadcast, voice-overs and audiobooks. 

My Clients

Trusted by brands and companies, big or small.
Here are some of our clients who value the perfection of sound and a fun collaborative studio experience.