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“Not My Mother’s Baking” Opens At The Box Office.

Studio59 Concepts latest movie “Not My Mother’s Baking” opens at the box office this week.

Not My Mother’s Baking is like a Singaporean Rome0-And-Juliet story where the Chinese son of a roast pork hawker family falls in love with the daughter of Malay celebrity chef Siti, falls in love and finally gets married to her. This is director Remi Sali’s latest film that once again pushes some OB markers, exploring topics of inter-racial relationships and religion.

The whole production wasn’t an easy process for them at all, with the cast and crew seriously wondering if the film would ever make it past the censors to make it to the big screen when it started production a year ago.

Well, not only had it successfully made it to the local box office, the film has also been picked up for a theatrical release in Taiwan next year.

Congrats to the Studio59 Concepts team, with appreciation for entrusting Backbeat Studios with the voiceover recording and audio-post production tasks on this film.

Not My Mother's Baking Behind The Scenes Voiceover Recording at Backbeat Studios
Not My Mother’s Baking Behind The Scenes Voiceover Recording at Backbeat Studios

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