The voice behind the boarding messages at Changi T4

Changi Airport T4 terminal opens today, and we are happy to have played a part in its vision of creating a “fast and seamless travel” for its passengers.

T4 operates on an almost fully automated “self–service” airport from checking-in to boarding, in line with the global trend of self-service airport experience.

Technically speaking, you can board a plane on your own from start to finish without interacting with a single staff from the airport or the airline.

Hence, voice guides and prompts along with visual signs are a necessary part of the operations at T4.

And this time round, we’ve worked with voice talent Ariel Wee to record and produce the automated boarding announcements for the 6 airlines currently operating from T4 (ie. Cathay Pacific, Korean Air, Cebu Pacific Air, Spring Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, AirAsia).

Recording automated voice systems like phone IVR or public announcement systems are always challenging, especially in managing the various tone inflexions to make sure various slices of a sentence would flow together in a natural-sounding way.

Like what Ariel summed up in her Instagram, we had to record ALL IN A DAY’S WORK….

The next time you board through the gates of T4, remember to “hear us out”.



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